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Hudson Holds More Records For SPEED-POWER-ENDURANCE For More Years Than Any Other Car In The World

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  • Celebrating Over 55 Years as H.E.T.'s First Chapter and Counting - You are invited to visit the Southern California Chapter (SCC) of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club.  Serving the HET members in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties for over 50 years, the chapter is about Family, Friends and Fellowship. If you own a Hudson or are interested in the Hudson Motor Cars, please join us.

    You will find Hudson related parts and technical assistance faster in the HET Club than anywhere else.   It is about acknowledgement of the countless engineering innovations of Hudson, Essex and Terraplane automobiles, memories of traveling across the United States, the elegant styling details, and the affordability of the cars, even today. 

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    The Club is dedicated to preserving the products of the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan which produced vehicles for 45 years from 1909 until May 1, 1954 and American Motors Corporation who produced Hudson's from 1955 until 1957.

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    Upcoming HET Events

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        Oct. 22-24 - All California Hudson Meet, San Simeon


        Nov. 20 - Laughlin Economy Run 


        Dec. 12 - SCC Holiday Party


        2022 July 24-31 - International Meet, Ann Arbor, MI (Home Chapter Ken Poynter 313-408-3775 Host)


        2023 - Internationl Meet, Branson, MO


        Local Cruise Nights        Local Car Shows